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AK Tech has proven to be both knowledgeable and efficient when building our Online Quote facility and optimizing our websites to improve their organic listings.  Mr King has been extremely helpful and nothing is ever too much trouble, we look forward to future collaborations.
The New England Shutter Company and Easy Shutters Ltd.


It is always a pleasure working with you. For the past years our clients continue to be delighted by your fresh designs and professional work ethos.


AK Tech have become indispensable for our Internet presence since we began collaborating early this year [2005]. The redesign and ongoing support work has been both efficient and creative.
Matt Horsbrugh, D R Wakefield


What else can we say other than being thrilled by our new design, our web stats have tripled and you were always there when needed and finished everything on time, thank you!


I was particulary impressed with the online student support services. I liked the way I could view my marks and student details
KLC Student


Your file search from the KLC Intranet is just so fantastic, the number of times I use it and it saves a fortune in time
Lindsay Wilkinson, KLC


I just wanted to say thank you for our new website design which looks great. Your friendly diligent work throughout the project is very much appreciated.
Dividend Analysis

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